Frame Measuring with Verification

We can measure and verify the integrity of motorcycle frames. We provide a certificate with the frame's measurement for you and your clients.

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Frame Straightening

If a frame needs to be straightened, we
have the right equipment for the job.

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In House Painting and Striping

Painting, striping and plastic repair are all completed in house.

Pick up and Delivery Service

If a motorcycle isn't drivable, we can pick it up.
We can deliver the repaired motorcycle back to
customers as well.

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Our workmanship includes a Warranty.

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Secure Storage

When a bike isn't being worked on and over night, it is secure in our locked storage area.

Mobile Estimating

We can go to an insured or claimant's
home or office to provide an estimate
on damage to a motorcycle.

Mobile Frame Measuring

If after an accident, the integrity a motorcycle's frame is in question, we can measure it and provide verification to the customer and to the insurance company. Because we use the latest measuring equipment, the Mega m.a.x, we can even go to the insured or claimant's home to provide this valuable service.

Insurance Claim Handling

We have 35 years experience working with insurance companies and helping customers through the claims process. We work with many Direct Repair Programs and understand the importance of following the Insurance Company's process.