Mega M.A.X.


• Technologically advanced motorcycle frame analyzing and straightening

• Factory specs of over 1150 motorcycles

• Eliminate time consuming removal of fairings and other parts


Our mega M.A.X. system compares frame dimensions to over 1150 original factory specifications. It provides fast, accurate measurements normally without removal of fairings, or needing time consuming set-ups. 
We provide a printout that shows the factory specifications, deviations and tolerances. The printout validates that the measured frame's camber, steering-head angle and length are correct, like it was when it was manufactured. This valuable documentation will tell us if a motorcycle will perform the way it was designed or if it needs to be straightened.
Not only are we able to bring a motorcycle back to factory specs, but using the mega M.A.X we can change the way your bike rides by changing its geometry.

How does geometry affect a modern sport bike or cruiser?
Have you ever experienced any of the following?
Slow, lazy steering - nervous and twitchy front end - Runs wide on turn entry, mid turn or turn exit - Front end washing out - Poor traction, too much wheel spin - Low confidence under heavy braking - High speed instability (head shakes) - Poor feed back - under steering / over steering- Dramatic change in response after tire change.   

Mega MaxWhat does improved geometry reflect?
Stability -not a brick or nervous and twitchy
Steering- Easy turn-in yet holds the second half of the corner securely
Traction -front and rear hooked up, entry mid-turn and turn exit
Braking- Confidence-inspiring, not sketchy

With accurate measurements, years of experience and our simulation program, we will determine what needs to be changed to provide the characteristics to meet your desired performance demands, whether you’re a street rider, it’s your first track-day or you’re seasoned racer.